Thira Vellattu
Thira Vellattu is one of the most important Festivals of this temple, which is being celeberated on the last Saturday of the Malayalam month ‘Makaram'. There will be special poojas, songs (pattu) and various types of cultural programmes and entertainments.

Thira vellattu programmes begins from 5.30 a.m. when sanctum sanctorum will be opened for ‘Usha Pooja'. The main functions of the Thiravellattu are being conducted in the Panthal put for this purpose infront of the temple. At 8 a.m. the Thiramannans (Velar community of Hndu religion) are received appropriately and thereafter, they decorates the Panthal using tender coconut leaves. Under this panthal 'Kalams' are put and starts ‘kalam pattu'. The first phase of Kalam pattu is for Sree Panikkarachan and Sree Muthappan. After appeasing them the Thira- vellattu begins.

At 5 Pm, the kalam of Lord Vishnumaya and his aid Karimkutty are created using 5 powder colours and the songs about the birth story and glory of Vishnumaya are sung with the accompaniment of Chenda and Ezhera. In between, the Karmi (Poojari) conducts pooja in the Kalam to bring power. Other percussions like Panchavadhyam, Nagaswaram, Chendamelam, Thayampaka etc. will boost the pomp and luxuary of the festival. These are being done to appease the deities and entertain the devotees. To add attraction, Mannans wearing masks and smearing colours over their bodies performs dances (Panachattam) around the Kalam to appease Vishnumaya and Karimkutty. After that Vishnumaya, Karimkutty along with Bhadrakali appear in ritual dance (Thullal/Nruthanm). After the Nrutham, there will be 'Guruthi' to appease the deities. Vishnumaya and other devathas blesses the devottees. The last phase of Thira Vellattu festival is the Kalampattu to the Moorthies like Kunnatheri Ponnan and Mala Nayadi. After appeasing them, assurances are received from them that they will obey the orders of the deities and protect the family members of the temple and the devotees.

All these festivities will be completed around 8 a.m. on the Sunday morning. Thereafter the temple closes for 7 days (It is called 'Nadayadappu').


After Thiravellattu festival, there is Roopakkalam to Vishnumaya and Karimkutty, Which will be celeberated on the 7th day of Nadayadappu. This is also called 'Nadathurappu' festival. After cleaning the Temple, Panthal and surroundings, the Mannans decorates the Panthal using tender coconut leaves and other items. Under this Roopakkalam of Vishnumaya and Karimkutty are created using 5 powder colours. After that the pattu (Songs) of the birth and glory of Vishnumaya are sung accompanied with Chenda and Ezhera. At noon the Lord Vishnumaya will come in ritual dance and solves the problems of the devotees.

Prathishta Dinam (The Birth day of Vishnumaya)

The birthday of Vishnumaya is celeberated on 'Punartham' Nakshathram of the Malayalam Month ‘Mithuna' There will be special Poojas, Navakam, Panchagavyam etc. are done to clean the spirit and flaural offerings (Archana) are done to Lord Vishnumaya..


Thottampattu Festival is being celeberated every year in the 1 st week of Malayalm Month ‘Meenum' This festival is celeberated for appeasing Godess Bhadrakali for the well being the of family members, happiness to children, economic growth and professional upliftment of the family, destroying enmies and solving the problems of the devotees. The Kalam of Bhadrakali is made below the decorated panthal using tender coconut leaves and other decoratives. The Kalam is made using 5 powder colours. There will be songs of Bhadrakali accompanied with Nanthuni (A Veena type musical instrument) to appease the goddess Bhadrakali. The contents of the songs are the birth story , the life story and glories of Bhadrakali. At the end of it ‘devi' willl appear in ritual dance and bless the devotees.


This festival is being celeberated at the anvil of the Month Karkitakam (Karkitaka Mandalam -The month of Ramayana). After decorating the Panthal with tender coconut leaves etc., Roopakkalam of Vishnumaya and Karimkutty will be created using 5 types of powder colours and songs of birth and glory of vishnumaya are sung with the support of Chenda, Ezhera etc. At the end Vishnumaya will come in dance (ritual dance) and solves the problems of devotees.

Daily Pooja and Nritham(Thullal)